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Rich FedericoWelcome to the latest issue of The Federico Column.


FM Global's Vice President of Human Resources, Jim Markan, who shares his company's approach to training managers on how to support a culture that treats employees fairly and respectfully.

Jim DeMaio, President of Learning Dynamics and creator of the "Common Decency" training program, explains why the program has grown in importance over the years.

Check out the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For list (see direct link on this page).

Finally, the Federico Forum cites examples of how training and development plays a vital role in making companies best places to work.


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Featured Guest:

Jim Markan, FM Global

The Importance of a Fair and Respectful Work Environment
By Jim Markan, VP of Human Resources

At FM Global, we feel it is imperative that we provide a work environment where employees are treated fairly and respectfully. Our employee surveys continually tell us that employees expect this from us - and tell us we do it well. We also realize that a best-in-class organization must maintain a people-oriented culture where all employees feel respected.

Vanderbilt University
FM Global's headquarters, Johnston, RI.

To that end, we understand the role that training and development plays in reinforcing this message among our managers and staff. For over 10 years, we have utilized the "Common Decency" training program to ensure that both managers and staff realize how important it is that we all treat each other in a fair and professional manner. We elected to have our HR staff certified to deliver the program. We have found that the



Fortune "Best" List

FORTUNE's "100 Best Companies to Work for"® list:

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Learning Dynamics

Common Decency in the Workplace
By Jim DeMaio

Fair treatment is one of
the keys to employee engagement.



Federico Forum

The Impact Development Has
on Fortune's "Best" List
By Richard Federico

Training & development programs carry considerable weight in Fortune's
application process.

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